A $1 million prize was won by the Massachusetts State Lottery player on Friday.

A $1 million prize was won by the Massachusetts State Lottery player on Friday.

The wealth of a lucky Massachusetts State Lottery player grew by hundreds of thousands of dollars Friday.

A ticket purchased at Daou’s Convenience in Southbridge won $1 million in the lottery game “$2,000,000 50X Cashword”. The substantial prize amount was $650,000 before taxes. Next to the $2 million prize is the award, which is the second highest prize in the game.

Another ticket-holder won the $100,000 prize from the game. The lottery player bought their winning ticket at a Pride gas station.

The $1 million and $100,000 prize winners Friday are not the only high-earning lottery players. A $5 million ticket was sold in Attleboro on Wednesday and a $4 million prize was won in Lynnfield last week.

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More than 500 winning lottery tickets worth at least $600 were sold or claimed in Massachusetts on Friday, including 46 in Boston, 16 in Worcester, and seven in Springfield.

Every day, the state lottery releases a full list of all the winning tickets that are worth $600 or more.

The Megabucks Doubler game was part of the reason why the largest lottery prize in the Commonwealth this year was worth $16.35 million. The store where the winning ticket was bought is Cumberland Farms in Ware.

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