A $15 million dollar scratch-off ticket was won by a Massachusetts state lottery winner.

A $15 million dollar scratch-off ticket was won by a Massachusetts state lottery winner.

A fifteen million dollar lottery ticket was claimed in Massachusetts on Thursday.

The scratch-off for the game was sold at the store. Mike’s Mobil is in the city of Leominster.

This is the highest prize on the game, with a 1 in 6 million chance of winning. The prize can be divided over 20 years, awarding the winner a lump-sum payment of $750,000 a year, or it can be taken as a cash option.

A $100,000 winner of the game “$15,000,000 Money Maker” was also on Thursday. The store where the ticket was bought is a convenience store.

More than 590 winning lottery tickets worth at least $600 were claimed or sold in Massachusetts on Thursday, including 7 in Springfield.

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Every day, the Massachusetts State Lottery releases a full list of all the winning tickets. Winning tickets worth more than $600 are only included on the list.

This year, the largest lottery prize in Massachusetts was worth $16.35 million, and was part of the Megabucks Doubler game. The purchase was made at Cumberland Farms in Ware. This is the third prize won in the Commonwealth this year.

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