A couple is featured on an episode of 'My Lottery Dream Home'| Akron

A couple is featured on an episode of ‘My Lottery Dream Home’| Akron

The Akron couple’s quest for a new home for their blended family was featured on the show at HGTV Highlighted.

A new episode of “My Lottery Dream Home” is called “The Akron Bunch” and is hosted by designer David Bromstad premiered on Oct 7.

Marva and Nathan, whose last names were not disclosed in the episode, were in search of a bigger place in the midst of Blending their families together with seven kids, including two sets of twins.

After winning a prize, the lottery winners are followed by a reality show.

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Here are several things to know about the Akron episode.

Where did the couple buy their winning Ohio lottery ticket?

According to the Ohio Lottery, Marva was featured on the show and won a top prize of $150,000 playing a scratch-off game.

She cleared $108,000 after paying taxes.

 The Circle K on State Road in Cuyahoga Falls was where Lawson purchased her winning $5 ticket.

There are a number of important landmarks in and around the city of Akron. In the episode, the Civic Theatre, Main Street, and the Lofts were shown.

The Rubber Worker Sculpture on East Mill Street, as well as the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Rail Road, made an appearance.

What homes did the Akron couple decide on?

The couple were looking for a home that was large enough for their blended family.

The choices for a new construction townhome to be built in the Castle Park and Highland Square neighborhoods were narrowed down by Barb Snyder.

The prices ranged from a low of $264,000 to a high of $300,000. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but they settled on one of the homes.

What did David think of Akron?

The host of the show said that this was the first time he had ever been to the city of Akron.

He was struck by the number of parks and beautiful homes that the city has to offer.

He was most impressed with the home prices compared to other hot real estate markets in the country.

He said in the episode that they have found the Holy Grail of affordable houses in Ohio. In the United States, Akron is the best place to find affordable housing.

Can I watch the episode of “My Lottery Dream Home” when I want at HGTV?

The episode of the show will air on the cable channel. October 21, 12:30 a.m. October 22 and 10:30pm. The day is Oct. 30.

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