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A couple won $4.25m in the powerball from Auckland

An Auckland couple who won $4.25 million on Lotto Powerball say they are happy, but also “burst into tears” when they

The couple bought their ticket for Saturday’s draw on MyLot, and they are “gobsmacked” to scoop the prize.

The husband said he was so excited when he realized we had won, he had butterflies and he could only compare it to seeing his wife walk down the aisle on our wedding day.

The winning lottery ticket was a last-minute purchase. His wife was heading out to work a night shift when her husband remembered that he hadn’t purchased a ticket for the drawing and immediately made the purchase online.

After that, he checked his email and saw the prize he had won was actually a free trip to Lotto.

He told his wife that he not log in until she got home.

They both thought it was a small prize.

They walked in to the restaurant, and as they sat down to breakfast, they noticed the tickets circled up and up.
“We were gobsmacked when we saw $4,250,000 stamped across the top of the ticket,” she said. “We couldn’t believe it. It was all we could do to control our excitement.

The couple plans to help their families by buying their first home.

If you want to become involved in some outreach work, we would like to get involved in some.

“We are so fortunate to win this prize and we want to make sure others benefit from it too.”

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