A man in Kentucky checks his lottery ticket months later and discovers a $1 Million prize.

A man in Kentucky checks his lottery ticket months later and discovers a $1 Million prize.

‘He only checks tickets occasionally’

A man from Kentucky has come forward with a $1,000,000 winning Kentucky lottery ticket that was sold in his city. It was how he discovered that he had won that is making the headlines.

At Crossroads IgA on Abagail Way in Lexington, the winning ticket matched the first five white ball numbers to win the game’s second prize.

The winner told lottery officials that he has been picking the same numbers for years, and that he has a combination of family birthdays.

According to the Kentucky Lottery, he only checks tickets on occasion, and had a stack of tickets going all the way back to June when he sat down.

It was my third time at this event and I really wanted to win this thing. I had gone through about forty tickets and got to the last five to see if I had any winners.

My phone rang, when suddenly I heard the numbers, I always used to play.

I stared at the ticket and stared at the date, making sure it was correct.

I screamed for my family to come check it out when I leaned back on my couch.

There are many ways to win the Powerball. You can match five white balls, or you can match four white balls and one Powerball number. The people at the convenience store did just that. “Am I dreaming?” 

He was able to remain anonymous because of the Kentucky Lottery.

The winner had a hard time sleeping the night before, so he had to go to work the next day.

He waited until he got to work to watch the August 31st drawing on his phone to make sure that the numbers that had been drawn were the correct ones. He received a check for $710,000 after taxes when he went to lottery headquarters. He said his family may consider buying a new home, since he plans to use the money for something.

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A $10,000 bonus will be given to the store that sells the winning Powerball lottery ticket.

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