After a bitterly divisive campaign, voting begins in Brazil’s presidential

The presidential election in Brazil pits an incumbent who wants to protect conservative Christian values against a former president who wants to return the country to a prosperous past.

The result of the second round of voting was a close contest between President Jair Bolsonaro and his political nemesis, former president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva. Both are well-known, divisive political figures who stir passion as much as they dislike.

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The vote will decide if the world’s fourth-largest democracy stays the same course of far-right politics or if it returns a left-wing leader to the top job.

 More than 120 million Brazilians are expected to cast their votes, and because the vote is conducted electronically, the final result is usually available within hours after voting stations close. Most opinion polls gave a lead to da Silva, but political analysts agreed that the race grew tighter in the last few weeks.

When Brazil’s economy was booming and welfare helped tens of millions join the middle class, it looked like it was going to be easy for Lula to win the election from 2003-2010.

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