Biden is ‘biggest threat to democracy’ Herschel Walker says

Biden is ‘biggest threat to democracy’ Herschel Walker says

Georgia GOP Senate Candidate Herschel Walker called President Obama a “biggest threat to democracy” on Sunday after the president told a town hall that the notion of voting for a Republican was on the ballot.

When I first got into it, I wanted people to take a look and be like: ‘Oh, you know what? They’re trying to say that’s not how it was.’ And now I see this other thing that happened, which is the real world and things are not so black and white. We’re living in the real world. You know, we had something, and then we don’t have it. That’s the real world.

Walker who was endorsed by former President Trump also took a big hit at Sen.

When R. Warnock (D) was elected, he said the biggest threat to democracy was “having the people that—the Democrats right now leading this country. It seems they are taking this country in the wrong direction.

But I think America sees that and they know that.

Joe Biden said last week that Americans should be alarmed by the claims of election fraud in the 2020 race. He told an audience, “What we’re seeing now is a threat to the very fabric of our democracy.

He’s refusing to accept the results of the last election. He’s refusing to accept the will of the people.

It’s been alleged that he has abused his power and put loyalty to himself before loyalty to the Constitution.

And, like Trump, he’s a liar. Biden’s made a big lie an article of faith of the MAGA Republican Party, the minority of that party.

A new poll shows Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and former Attorney General Eric Holder deadlocked, though a survey from Emerson College Polling and The Hill released Thursday found Democrat Tony Evers up 2 points.

The race for control of the Wisconsin senate has become a big deal, as Republicans and Democrats vie for control of the upper chamber, and as Governor Scott Walker faces a smattering of controversies over his stance on abortion.

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