Chris Hani's monument was vandalized

Chris Hani’s monument was vandalized

A monument to South Africa’s anti-apartheid hero Chris Hani has been vandalized, days after a court ordered the release of his killer.

The ANC and its allies described the incident as provocative.

Hani was the most popular leader in South Africa.

The court’s decision to release his killer has caused outrage in the ANC.

Walus attempted to derail South Africa’s transition from white-minority rule to democratic rule by killing Hani.

Walus shot Hani in the chin, behind the ear and in the chest as he was picking up newspapers outside.

The leader of the South African Communist Party was a military man.

Tens of thousands of people attended his funeral about a year before he became South Africa’s first black president.

South Africa’s highest court ruled last week that after nearly three decades in prison, Walus was entitled to parole and there was no chance of him reoffending.

The monument to Hani was vandalized on Saturday night.

One pillar was badly damaged and one side fell off.

According to Zweli Dlamini, the electric lighting system was stolen.

An investigation has been opened after someone Vandalised it.

 In a joint statement, the ANC, South African Communist Party, and the country’s largest trade union federation said the vandalization was tantamount to a continuation of Chris Hani’s assassination.

The statement said the court’s ruling had “pleased unrepentant apartheid perpetrators”.

The ANC and Hani’s family had fought against Walus’s release, but the court said that he had apologized to Hani’s family more than once.

After the death penalty was abolished in South Africa, he was given a life sentence. The court’s ruling was condemned by Hani’s wife.

Walus lost his South African citizenship in 2017.

The South African government said he would serve his parole in South Africa.

He became a symbol for young Polish nationalists in prison.

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