CM Punjab supports Imran Khan's decision to quit assemblies

CM Punjab supports Imran Khan’s decision to quit assemblies.

The Chief Minister of Punjab Chaudhry Pervez Elahi assured of his support after the chairman of the party announced that his party would resign from all the assemblies.

CM Elahi said that he won’t wait for a minute to dissolve the provincial assembly if Khan asks him.

The chief minister said in a video statement that they stood with those who supported them.

The coalition government in the Centre will not last for the next 27 hours if the PTI and its allies leave the country’s assembly, warned Elahi.

The PML-Q’s senior leader said that Khan’s plan entered its “decisive round” during the jalsa on Saturday and that once the PTI and its allies start resigning from the assembly, the Pakistan Democratic Movement’s government would be formed.

Elahi’s statement came after Khan told a charged rally in Pindi that his party had decided that they would not remain a part of the corrupt political system and quit all the assemblies.

He said that instead of destruction and ransacking they decided to leave the corrupt system.

 Elahi warned the PML-N that once country-wide elections are held, they would receive an unprecedented defeat that would be remembered for a long time.

The Punjab chief minister claimed that Pakistan would be ruled in line with Islam and that his government would make sure that the common people are helped.

Khan has not announced when he will quit the assembly. The leader of the party said he would hold consultations later on.

On October 28, the PTI began its long march toward the federal capital in an attempt to force the government to early elections.

Khan was wounded in an assassination attempt and the march was stopped. Shah Mahmood Qureshi led from the same point.

Khan joined his supporters when he called off the march. “I want to thank all of the people who came in such huge numbers from across Pakistan to our Rawalpindi Azadi March yesterday,” he said.

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