Dane's election may lead to a centrist government.

Dane’s election may lead to a centrist government.

The election on Tuesday is expected to change the political landscape in the country, with new parties hoping to enter parliament and others seeing their support diminish. With his votes needed to form a new government, a former prime minister could end up as a kingmaker.

90 seats in the Folketing are likely to be captured by neither the center-left nor the center-right. As he seeks to bridge the center, former Prime Minister Lkke Rasmussen could be left in the crucial role.

Seven months before the end of her four-year term, the Prime Minister said she wanted a broad government with both sides of the political middle.

An ally of her minority, one-party Social Democratic government threatened to topple the government with a confidence vote. The center-left Social Liberals were critical of her government’s handling of the 2020 decision to wipe out the entire captive population at the height of the coronaviruses epidemic to protect humans.

After the election, talks to form a new government will take some time, according to Mller Hansen.

He said that a minority government would seek support from the left in climate issues and from the right when it came to immigration.

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