Former Prime Minister Pakistan Khan was stable after shooting

Former Prime Minister Pakistan Khan was stable after shooting

Former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan, 70, is in stable condition after being wounded during a protest march on Thursday.

Khan’s protest march was peaceful until Thursday afternoon’s attack, which raised concerns about growing political instability in Pakistan, a country with a history of political violence and assassinations.

One of Khan’s supporters was killed and 13 others, including two members of parliament, were wounded in the attack.

It’s obvious that it was a well-planned assassination attempt on Pakistan’s most popular leader, Imran Khan. He is now in stable condition at the Shaukat Khanum Hospital in Lahore after undergoing surgery there.

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan said some political elements from Khan’s party were trying to create chaos in the country after the attack.

His comments came after scores of his supporters demonstrated in various parts of the country, with some chanting slogans against the military and vowing to avenge the attack.

He claimed that the man was a religious extremist who compared himself to the prophets in his latest public speeches.

Khan, 70, is probably not going to be allowed to go home soon, according to the team of doctors who have been treating him.

He said, “The surgery lasted two hours and a bullet was found in his right leg.

He maintained that his April ouster from Parliament was unlawful and a conspiracy by his political opponents orchestrated by the United States. 

Khan wants the government to hold snap elections, and he’s leading the protest in Lahore. Thousands of people joined the protest from all over the country, saying their protest will continue until their demands are met.

The elections in Pakistan will be held as scheduled in 2023.

The shooting shocked his supporters. People came out in the street to protest after the shooting.

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