GOP senators dive into midterms while Trump weighs 2024 plans

GOP senators dive into midterms while Trump weighs 2024 plans

Tom Cotton said it was like a distant target at the shooting range, Tim Scott said it was premature, and Ted Cruz said it was in the back of his mind.

The 2024 presidential primaries are not far off, regardless of whether Republican senators demur or not. The last few days of the midterms are used by those who want to position themselves in case Donald Trump takes a pass or shows vulnerability.

As Trump finalizes his own rally schedule, a half-dozen GOP senators have launched their own campaign expeditions that are sure to be noticed by party insiders. Scott of South Carolina, Cotton of Arkansas, Cruz of Texas, and even Lindsey Graham of South Carolina are included in that group.

No one wants to get in the way of the current president. There is a belief among Republicans that if the former president does not back off, many more will run.With the calendar turning to November, GOP politicians are jumping onto their best stage for congressional campaigns.We have got to win the White House in 24 years. I think it’s absolutely critical. Cruz said in a phone interview from a stop in Tennessee that the first step is taking Congress back, and that everyone who can help him should be doing everything they can to make it happen. There is no sequel to Lindsey Graham’s ill-fated White House run, says the Trump critic-turned-adviser. A spokesman for Graham said nothing more, nothing less.The Senate nominee from Arizona, Masters, was endorsed by Hawley early in the primaries. They picked different nominees in the home-state primary, though those moves aligned him with Trump. Both Rick Scott and Hawley plan to run for reelection in the year 2024. Cruz said he spent about five nights at home and missed his daughter’s birthday because of campaigning. The kind of majority Republicans will end up with is as important as control of Congress, as he says that the hard push is worthwhile.  Cruz said that Republican voters were “incredibly frustrated that there are lots of candidates who sound great on the stump and they get sucked into the swamp.        

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