Hundreds were ‘neutralized’ in Turkish strikes on Syria.

Turkey has threatened to launch a land operation against Kurds in Syria after carrying out air strikes that killed more than 200 people.

In the wake of a bombing in Istanbul that killed six people, Turkey launched strikes on targets in Syria and Iraq.

Ankara blames Kurdish militants for the bomb.

They denied having any involvement.

The strikes were only the beginning, warned President Erdogan.

Hundreds of “terrorists” were neutralized by the operation, according to the Defence Minister.

The Jerkin prison in Qamishli holds people from the Islamic State group, which is one of the places hit by the Turkish attack.

President Erdogan said he would “come down hard on the terrorists from the land” after blaming the PKK for the Istanbul attack.

The European Union and the United States view the PKK as a terrorist group.

The Turkish state was the focus of an insurgency since 1984 and denied any involvement in the Istanbul bombing.

A safe zone along Turkey’s southern border to prevent cross-border attacks has been called for multiple times.

Our determination to secure all of our southern borders…

He told the Turkish parliament on Wednesday that the safe zone is stronger than ever before.

“We hope our arguments will be heard in Ankara and other ways of resolving the problem will be found”, the Russian said.

Turkey has been warned by the US about the impact an increase in tensions could have on the fight against the Islamic State in the region.

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