Lee Majors Net Worth

Lee Majors Net Worth

 Net Worth of Lee Majors

An American actor named Lee Majors has a net worth of over 15 million dollars. Majors is best known for his roles in the 1960s television series “The Big Valley” and as Colonel Steve Austin in the 70’s series “The Six Million Dollar Man. His role as Colt Seavers in “The Fall Guy” made him rich in the ’80s.

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Early Years

On April 23, 1939, Lee Majors was born in Wyandotte. Majors’ father was killed in a work-related accident before he was born, and his mother was killed in a car crash before he was two.

He was adopted by his aunt and uncle and lived in Kentucky until 1957, when he finished high school. He excelled in both track and football while he was in school.


Majors received a scholarship to attend Indiana University because of their talent in track and football. He was a student at Eastern Kentucky University in 1959. He ended his collegiate sports career after sustaining a serious back injury during a football game that left him paralyzed for two weeks.

Majors set his sights on becoming a football coach and continued his studies despite collegiate athletics being in his back view. In 1962, he graduated from Eastern Kentucky with a degree in History and Physical Education.


Majors was offered the chance to try out for the team after graduation. In order to become a Recreation Director for North Hollywood Park, the Louis Cardinal football team moved to Los Angeles.

While in Los Angeles, he met James Dean’s agent who encouraged him to take classes and try out for an acting job. He changed his name from Harvey Lee Yeary to Lee Majors to honor his childhood hero, Johnny Majors, a professional football player and collegiate coach.

Majors received his first big break when he was selected to play the lead in The Big Valley, a role that would last for almost four years.

Majors started making made-for-television films while still on the payroll for The Big Valley. He was offered the lead role in the movie Midnight Cowboy, which was written and directed by Philip Kaufman. He had to decline the role in Midnight Cowboy because of the production schedule for The Big Valley, but Jon Voight was eventually given the part and earned an Academy Award nomination for Best actor.

After The Big Valley was canceled in 1969 Majors began work on The Six Million Dollar Man, a show that would become synonymous with him.

Majors were in the role of a former astronaut. Air Force Colonel Steve Austin was injured during a NASA test flight. In a life saving operation, his character was equipped with artificial limbs which gave him strength and speed, and a robotic eye which allowed him to see things that a human eye couldn’t.

The show was a merchandising monster and sold everything from action figures and t-shirts to children’s lunchboxes and ran from 1973 to 1978.

A spin-off of the show featuring Steve Austin’s love interest will be launched by ABC. The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman ran alongside each other until they were both canceled in 1978.

Majors scored another win with The Fall Guy not content to fade into retirement after his success with The Six Million Dollar Man.

Majors played the role of Colt Seavers, who was also a bounty hunter. In 1981 the show hit the air and ran until 1986, capping off a successful television career that spanned over three decades.

He reprised his role as Coach Ross in the CW Network show The Game from 2006 to 2009.

Personal Life

Lee Majors has four marriages.

They had one child together, and he was married to Katy Robinson.

From 1973 to 1982 he was married to Farrah Fawcett. They were considered a Hollywood power couple with each having successful careers. While married, he went by the name of Farrah Fawcett-Majors.

Majors and Karen Velez married in 1988. A daughter and twin boys were born to the couple. The marriage stopped in 1994.

He wed actress Faith Cross in 2002.

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