Lotto Max | $132 million is still up for grabs, despite the new millionaires.

The big pot went unclaimed in the most recent draw and it has been unclaimed since August 12th, 2022. Prize money continues to accumulate in the form of Maxmillions, despite the fact that it has reached its maximum pot of $70 million.

The second-biggest prize pool in the history of Lotto Max is this one. The prize grew to over 120 million dollars in June 18 and June 22 draws in 2021.

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The Friday, October 14 draw gave out Maxmillion prizes across Canada, making millionaires out of people.

Maxmillion prizes were won by lottery tickets sold in several BC cities. In the Prairies, there were five winning tickets that were sold.

There were only one winner in the Atlantic Provinces, three in Quebec and nine in Ontario.

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