NY Lotter

NY Lottery

The New York’s lotteries drawn on Thursday:

Take 5 Midday

(six, fifteen, twenty, thirty-five, thirty-seven)

Numbers Midday

(seven, six, three)

Win 4 Midday

(six, five, nine, nine)

Numbers Evening

(five, three, three)

Win 4 Evening

(eight, one, six, three)

Take 5 Evening

(thirteen, twenty-one, twenty-four, twenty-six, thirty-two)

Pick 10

(nine, thirteen, fourteen, eighteen, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-six, thirty, thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty-nine, fifty-two, fifty-four, sixty-two, sixty-three, seventy-two, seventy-three, seventy-seven, seventy-eight, seventy-nine)


(thirteen, fourteen, twenty-nine, fifty-three, fifty-five; Cash Ball: one)

Mega Millions

Estimated jackpot: 410,000,000


Estimated jackpot: 378,000,000

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