Poland denied the German air defense system.

Poland denied the German air defense system.

Germany offered to send an anti-missile system to Poland, but the Polish government wants it to go to Ukraine, a proposal that is not likely to be accepted by Berlin.

Poland’s surprising response to Berlin’s offer was welcomed by Ukraine, which is desperate to protect its airspace because of Russian missiles.

Critics of the populist ruling party accused it of sacrificing the country’s security with a war in Ukraine for the sake of a domestic political struggle that exploits anti-German sentiment for short-term gain.

According to the Rzeczpospolita, the new proposal by Poland’s leaders would involve NATO in a direct clash with Russia, and it would require sending German soldiers to operate the system.

The defense potential of the Polish sky will be lower because the Germans get a clear signal that we do not want their help.

Poland’s populist ruling party is facing re-election next year with its popularity dented by 18% inflation and has been ramping up its anti-German messaging.

Party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski has been trying to link his domestic opponents, particularly Donald Tusk, a former EU leader, to Germany, saying Sunday that if Tusk’s party wins next year, Poland would be under the German boot.

In an interview with the state news agency PAP on Wednesday, Kaczynski said that it would be best for Poland if Germany handed the equipment to the Ukrainians.

NATO beefed up its defense along its eastern flank, while Poland strengthened its military after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The US was deployed by NATO. There is a French equivalent system in Romania, as well as batteries in Poland, German, and Slovakia.

NATO doesn’t get involved in the war and only deploys the batteries to protect member countries.

It’s a political strategy to win votes in Poland by tapping into anti-German feelings. Poland was invaded by Germany during World War II, and older Poles still suffer from the trauma.

Berlin says it won’t pay Poland’s demands for more than a trillion dollars in wartime compensation.

Kaczynski blames Germany for withholding funding for European Union efforts to defend the rule of law in Poland.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused new strains. Poland was a critic of Germany’s gas deals with Russia as well as Germany’s initial reluctance to arm Ukraine.

Critics in Poland pointed out that the government was not only refusing higher military protection but also turning its back on critical EU funding, which has been held up by the government’s refusal to follow EU guidelines on protecting the independence of judges.

Kaczynski has gone mad for rejecting the EU funding during war and crisis, according to the Civic Platform party.

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