Swiss railway company breaks record | world's longest passenger train

Swiss railway breaks record | world’s longest passenger train

On the weekend, a Swiss railway company claimed the record for the world’s longest passenger train, with a trip on one of the most spectacular tracks through the Alps.

The world record attempt was conducted on Saturday by the Rhaetian Railway company.

There are four things that you should know about the new record:

How long was the length of the train?

The total length of the Swiss train was 1.9 kilometers, comprised of 100 carriages.

The train carried 150 passengers with a digital destination sign on the front and a shiny silver roof.

In a typical, eight-carriage train, an average passenger carriage is about 20 meters in length, including space for the driver.

 The Swiss world record train was almost 12 times the length, or about three and a half Boeing jumbo jets.

Where did the train go? 

The train ran from Preda to Bergen on the Albula-Bernina route, which is 172 kilometers southeast of Zurich.

The route was added to UNESCO World Heritage in 2008.

The train’s journey went through 22 tunnels, some of which spiral through mountains, and across 48 bridges, including the Landwasser Viaduct, which is 65m above the ravine below.

Thousands of rail enthusiasts lined the valley to watch the train’s sections go through the Alps.

Why did they attempt to set a new record?

The goal of the record attempt was to highlight some of Switzerland’s engineering achievements and to celebrate the 175 years of Swiss railways.

He held up the Guinness World Record diploma and said there had been significant challenges to ensure that the long train could travel safely.

He said that the train drivers and technicians had to make sure that all 25 trains did the same thing at the same time, and that they were all guided by the first driver.

Switzerland has one of the densest rail networks in the world and is famous for having punctual trains.

The first train service in the Alpine country was launched on August 9, 1847, and it took 33 minutes to travel 23 kilometres northwest.

What was the world record in the previous time? 

The previous record was held by the National Belgian Railway Company for a train that was 1.7 kilometers in length.

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