Tarek el Moussa's Net Worth

Tarek el Moussa’s Net Worth

Net Worth of Tarek el Moussa’s  

A real estate agent and reality television personality named Tarek el Moussa are an American. There is a net worth of fifteen million dollars for the man. A real estate agent and house flipper by the name of Tarek is based in Orange County, California. He is best known for his show “Flip or Flop” with his ex-wife Christina Haack. 

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Early Life + Pre-HGTV Career

He was born on August 21, 1981, and raised in Long Beach, California. He is descended from Arabs or European people. He’s from the Middle Eastern part of the country. His dad was a catholic and was raised in the Middle East. My dad moved to Europe when he was in his late teens, and his mother is from Belgium. There is a person born in the United States. He has a sister that is the same age as him. His family, including his mother, father, and stepfather, all live close by and lend a hand with his kids from time to time.

A real estate agent and house flipper named Tarek is based in Orange County, California. He is known for his success at buying and selling homes for profit. He began flipping houses immediately after earning his real estate license. He met Christina Haack while working in the flipping industry. They worked together with Christina to focus on design and Tarek to manage renovations. Business was booming until the economy collapsed in 2008. In the wake of the crash, Tarek and Christina went from living in a large luxurious house that cost $6,000 per month to living in a tiny apartment that cost $700 per month.

One of the largest foreclosure rates in the country during the housing industry crash happened in Orange County, California, which was run by Tarek and Christina. The three of them bought their first investment house in Santa Ana for $115,000. 

In 2009, Tarek and Christina got married and had two children together, a girl named Taylor Reese and a boy named Brayden James.

HGTV and Rise to Fame

 Tarek and Christina’s real estate business did well as the global economy recovered. A friend of Tarek’s asked him to film him and Christina flipping a house to make a tape for their show. The producers at Pie Town productions were interested in Christina’s tape.  The couple signed a deal with HGTV in 2012 and their show, Flip or Flop, premiered in April of that year. The show follows the couple through the often tense process of bidding on a property, renovating it and restoring it so that it is competitive in the market, and then reselling it. Christina is in charge of the design while Tarek is in charge of the renovation.  Christina and Tarek filmed 92 episodes over the sea in 2017.

In 2020, Tarek’s new show, Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa, was announced by HGTV. The show features Tarek helping real estate novices learn the secrets of a successful flip.

Cancer Diagnosis

Ryan Reade, a registered nurse, was a fan of the show and wrote a letter to the production company in 2013. She had seen a lump on Tarek’s neck while watching Flip or Flop, so she asked the doctor to look at it.

It was a shock to Tarek that he had been diagnosed with testicular and thyroid cancer. The nurse saved his life by enabling him to seek medical treatment before it became a major health problem.

The El Moussa’s thanked Reade in a video that can be seen on HGTV.com.

Earning of Tarek el Moussa Make From HGTV

In the early seasons of the show, Christina and Tarek made less than $10,000 per episode.

Over the course of their three seasons, they earned about $130,000 for the season.

Divorce from Christina

 In May of 2016 Tarek and Christina decided to end their relationship. After an incident where police were called to their home after Tarek fled the home after an argument and was reported to be suicidal, their split came soon after. Tarek claimed that he went for a hike with a gun to protect himself from the wild animals. The couple filed for divorce in January 2017. The future of their show and their co-owned real estate agency were uncertain after their divorce. They finalized their divorce in January2018. After the divorce, they were able to film the eighth season of Flip or Flop and seem to have a good relationship with their children. After their divorce, The El Moussa Group was dissolved and now runs under the name of Tarek and ASSOCIATES.

In December 2018, Christina was married to an English television host. They bought a $4.1 million house in Newport Beach, California just two blocks away from each other, around the time of their marriage. A son named Hudson Anstead was born on September 6, 2019.

Real Estate

When it was announced that Tarek El-Bashir was moving on from the mansion he bought after splitting with his ex-wife, in favor of a new place in Newport Beach with Heather, she was quick to tell the world that it was because of “flaws” with the home. They found a chic, modern beach house just a block from the ocean, which they plan to rent for at least a year, because Tarek’s previous home had already sold. Heather keeps an apartment in West Hollywood, as well as her office on the Sunset Strip.

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