Affordable' Housing Lottery Brings Seven Pricy Units To Bed-Stuy

The ‘Affordable’ Housing Lottery Brings Seven Pricy Units To Bed-Stuy.

BED-STUY, BROOKLYN — There are seven units of affordable housing in a new building in Bed-Stuy, but the income requirements might be stretching the term.

The seven units available through Housing Connect appear to be well-built, spacious and with new finishes, at 597 Marcy Ave, a building built through the 421-a tax benefit. The income requirements and rents may be beyond what many would consider affordable.

The measurement used to determine levels of affordability starts at 80% of the Area Median Income and the one studio apartment will rent for $1,730 a month and have an income requirement of $62,000 – $74,000 for a single person.

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A two-bedroom unit at 80% AMI rents for $2,198 and is restricted to two people making between $80,00-$85,000 or more for five people.

A two bedroom unit listed for $2,791 a month is restricted to households earning between $95,000 and $187,000 a year, and is one of the pricer units restricted to even higher incomes.

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