The anti-war Russians sabotaged railways could be executed.

The anti-war Russians sabotaged railways could be executed.

The death penalty should be reintroduced in Russia after four students sabotaged the railways in protest of the war in Ukraine, according to the former Russian President.

The capital and largest city of the Republic of Bashkortostan in western Russia was the location where four Russian and foreign students were arrested.

They are accused of organizing a terrorist act, according to a press release from the district court.

According to court papers, the teenagers attempted at least five times to damage railway electrical equipment in protest against the war in Ukraine.

The students were hoping to cause problems for the Bashkortostan authorities during the war.

The deputy chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation and leader of the United Russia Party floated the idea of bringing back the death penalty for those suspected of sabotage during the war.

On his Telegram channel, Medvedev said that the students disabled the railway facilities.

He said that during World War II “saboteurs” were shot.

If you committed a crime during the war, you have no right to be a traitor. He made reference to the recent rise in Molotov cocktail attacks on military enlistment offices in Russia and warned that he had the right to protect his life.

Russia imposed a moratorium on the death penalty in 1996 because it was about to join the Council of Europe.

Restating capital punishment in Russia would require a change in the legal positions of the Constitutional Court, according to Medvedev.

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