The German envoy is postponing his trip because of the World Cup controversy.

Germany’s human rights envoy said on Sunday that she is postponing an official visit to Qatar after it reacted angrily to German government comments.

Nancy Faeser, Germany’s interior minister, appeared to criticize the decision to award the World Cup to the Gulf nation because of its human rights record when she commented on Friday. The treatment of migrant workers and the criminalization of homosexual relations has been the subject of intense scrutiny by the international community.

Luise Amtsberg, Germany’s human rights envoy, said that the developments this weekend have made clear to him how difficult it is in the current situation ahead of the World Cup to have the open and also critical conversation he planned with the government of Qatar.

Amtsberg said she would conduct the visit at a later date after she was unable to accompany Faeser on Monday.

She said that despite being recognized as a regional and global actor, international pressure and our efforts to protect human rights will stay central even after the World Cup.

A delegation from the German soccer federation is still planning to travel to the Middle East with Faeser.

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