The issue of IT jobs is raised by India.

The issue of IT jobs is raised by India.

The issue of human trafficking by international crime syndicates in that country that have ensnared a number of Indian nationals were the subject of a discussion between the Foreign Secretary and the senior leadership of that country.

The issue of maintenance of security and stability in border areas of the two countries was one of the topics discussed by Kwatra.

India’s continued support to people-centered socio-economic development projects, including those along the India-Myanmar border areas, was expressed by the Foreign Secretary during his visit to the country.

The foreign secretary conveyed India’s commitment towards an expedient implementation of ongoing initiatives such as the Kaladan Multimodal Transit Transport Project, and the Trilateral Highway, and reviewed bilateral development cooperation projects.

The foreign secretary raised the issue of human trafficking by international crime syndicates in the Myawaddy area of Myanmar and reiterated India’s commitment to continue with the projects under the Rakhine State Development Program and Border Area Development Program.

A large number of Indian nationals have fallen prey to job offers made by crime syndicates operating in the Myawaddy region of Myanmar.

The crime syndicates placed advertisements for lucrative job offers on social media pretending to be companies in Thailand.

The job candidates were forced to commit cyber crimes for ethnic armed groups in the Myawaddy region, which the government has little control over.

There is a 1,643-km border between India and Myanmar that spans from the India-Myanmar-China trijunction to the India-Myanmar-Bangladesh trijunction.

The experiment with limited democracy was derailed by the military’s takeover of power in February of last year.

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