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The lottery winner who scooped £2.9million jackpot now regrets that he won.

The winner says he has received thousands of emails asking for donations since his win.

Anoop, who lives in the southern Indian state of Kerala, won 250 million rupees (£2.9million) after his numbers came up in the state government lottery earlier this month.

His win made national headlines and was the biggest ever offered in the lottery. He shot to fame overnight and soon became a household name.

Anoop was the first Indian to win the Prize, however just one week after he won, he was harassed by people.

On September 17, before he left for Malaysia, Anoop took out a loan from his son’s piggy bank to buy a plane ticket.

When the news broke, his family got lots of attention in the media.

He said  that he was overjoyed when he won. There were people in the house and we were happy.

The situation became uncontrollable. Anoop said that he can’t leave the house. I can’t take my sick child to the doctor.

This man received a reward of 150 million rupees, and then people started to arrive at his house every morning.Anoop recalled: “Everyone, all I can say is that I haven’t received any money yet.

No one understands my problem. No Matter, How often do I tell them?

Anoop’s family have had to stay with relatives so as to avoid media attention.

The state government has decided to arrange a one-day training for Anoop so he can understand the importance of using his financial resources well.

A beauty queen who struck gold in the lottery gave her money away to help other people because she was happy. Every week for the rest of her life, Rachel Lapierre got a guaranteed $1,000 after her big win in 2013..

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