The mail balloting system is targeted by Donald Trump and others.v

The mail balloting system is targeted by Donald Trump and others.

Donald Trump and his office-seeking “election deniers” talk about changing the U.S. There is at least one specific target in mind for the election system.


Despite its popularity with voters and safeguards against ballot fraud, Trump, Republican lawyers and GOP politicians are offering a variety of proposals to restrict or even eliminate mail-in voting.

Norm Eisen, a long-time election attorney, said that mail-in voting appears to be the primary target of the election deniers, and their efforts will only increase if they are elected to public office next month.

Their chances of success are dependent on the current election.

Republicans have tended to favor Democrats in recent elections because of Trump’s attacks on mail-in ballots, and public interest activists say that’s because of the fact that Republicans are discouraged from participating.

Eisen said that Trump’s complaints about mail-in voting have no basis in fact and constitute another bizarre conspiracy theory.

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