The Palestinian Gunman's Home is being prepared for demolition by the Israeli Army.

The Palestinian Gunman’s Home is being prepared for demolition by the Israeli Army.

The home of a Palestinian man who shot and killed an Israeli man in the occupied West Bank is being prepared for demolition by the Israeli military.

The family home of a Palestinian who killed an Israeli man in the occupied West Bank was prepared for demolition by the Israeli military on Sunday.

A number of people were wounded in the shooting on Saturday.

A security guard rammed the attacker with his truck and pinned him to the ground after he fired his assault rifle at a grocery store. The attacker, later identified as Mohammed Jaaberi, 35, was shot and killed by an off-duty military officer.

There was an attack between Kiryat Arba, an Israeli settlement in the West Bank, and the largest Palestinian city in the West Bank. Jaaberi was from the city of Hebron.

The military arrested one of Jaaberi’s brothers and mapped out the family home in the first step towards eventual demolition.

Even though the military halted the practice for years, Israel still demolishes the homes of Palestinian attackers, even though they argue that it serves as a deterrent. Punitive demolitions have been denounced as collective punishment by some human rights groups.

The United Nations started monitoring deaths in the West Bank in 2005 and this year is on course to be the deadliest since. It was three days before Israel holds its fifth election.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not the focus of the campaign, but a rise in Palestinian attacks can help right-wing parties that advocate harsh measures against Palestinians.

There have been no claims of Jaabari being a member of the Palestinian militant group, though celebrations erupted after news of the attack spread.

More than 130 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli-Palestinian fighting this year in the West Bank and east Jerusalem. Nineteen people were killed in Israel in the spring when a series of Palestinian attacks began. Most of the Palestinians killed have been militant, according to the Israeli army. Stone-throwing youths protesting incursions and others not involved in confrontations have also been killed.

In the decades since Israel captured the West Bank in 1967, it has built dozens of settlements, now home to nearly 500,000 Israelis and 2.5 million Palestinians. The Palestinians would like the territory, along with east Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, to be an independent state. Over the past decade, there have been no substantive peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

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