The swing vote in November could once again be made by women.

The swing vote in November could once again be made by women.

The year of the security mom, when women who abandoned the GOP during Donald Trump’s presidency gravitate back toward Republican nominees who are speaking to their worries about the economic and physical security of their families, is what Republicans are bullish about.

If undecided female voters conclude that the Republican Party has no substantive plans to address the bite of inflation and the party’s stance on abortion, Democrats hope the tide will turn back in their favor this final election week. There is a man called Wade.

Neither side can predict the outcome on November 8, but strategists from both parties arelaser-focused on winning over those female swing voters who could once again be the determining factor in deciding control of the US House and Senate.

The so-called blue wave that saw more than 100 women elected to the US House was powered by suburban and college-educated women who rebuked Trump and helped power it.

According to exit polls, the gender gap was enormous, with the majority of women supporting Democrats and Republicans. It reflected the energy of the women’s marches that followed Trump’s 2016 victory, as well as the anger of the #MeToo movement and Democratic messaging that the GOP would jeopardize access to health care after the party had repeatedly tried to overturn

The tables appear to have turned now. The GOP is in a better position to win over female voters because of the crush of inflation and the fact that Trump is no longer in the White House.

In interviews with voters in battleground states, the persistent frustration about the disruptions caused by the Covid-19 epidemic, compounded by economic worries, has created a desire for change among some women that could punish the party in power.

Republicans want a net gain of five seats to win control of the House and one seat to flip the Senate.

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