The Trump show went on despite the defeats.

The Trump show went on despite the defeats.

Scores of people who embraced Donald Trump’s false claims of a stolen 2020 election won lower-profile contests, stoking fears of chaos in the next Congress.

Despite voters in swing states rejecting his attempts to relitigate 2020, the continued support from Trump’s base allowed him to launch his campaign last week on the same platform as baseless accusations of voter fraud.

We all know that we’re about to see the Donald J. Aron Solomon predicted the coming two years of the Trump show, Act II, Scene I, and said that Congress should focus on the building blocks necessary to restore a greater and deeper faith in democracy. We are about to witness a political telenovela of unparalleled proportions, so we should all get up.

The November 8 ballot was seen as a rebuke of the authoritarian Republican far right, as the party failed to take the Senate and won only the barest of House majority.

Most of the key Senate battlegrounds and many statewide offices that help oversee voting were lost by the “Grand Old Party” due to complaints from within its ranks.

170 Republicans who didn’t vote in 2020 won seats in the House and will have a say in the speaker.

In a razor-thin Republican majority, the House Freedom Caucus is expected to push Trump’s agenda of revenge against his political foes.

With a Democratic Senate and House being pulled to the right, observers expect two years of legislative gridlock and endless investigations of the Biden administration rather than action on crime, inflation and other issues.

According to States United Action, a third of the country will be represented by a governor, attorney general or secretary of state who has doubts about the legitimacy of elections.

The bulwarks against attempts by Trump and his followers in 2020 to have the results of their states overturned were the Democrats and Republicans.

In the Senate, which will be evenly-divided or in a 51-49 split favoring the Democrats by the time the elections are over, there are a few winning Republican election deniers, including Kentucky’s Rand Paul and controversial Ohio venture capitalist.

Elaine Luria, a Democrat on the House committee investigating the attack on the Capitol, was put out to pasture in Virginia by an election denier who opened a 10,000- vote lead.

Thanianchez of States United Action said that most voters rejected giving election deniers control over their votes.

In some races, election deniers did win statewide office, and in other states they already hold positions of power.

The threat to democracy is not over.

A group of incoming secretaries of state at a pro-democracy event last week announced a drive against efforts to subvert the election process, proposing a raft of new laws including making harassment of election workers illegal.

Democracy was only two-thirds of the way to being saved after the 2020 election, according to her.





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