The UK interior minister denounced asylum seeker 

The UK interior minister denounced asylum seeker 

The arrival of asylum seekers was described as an invasion by British Home Secretary Suella Braverman.

Her comments came after a man used firebombs to attack an immigration processing centre.

Braverman, who is fighting to save her job after she admitted breaching security rules, told parliament on Monday that she was working to stop the influx of migrants in small boats across the English channel.

She’s also been accused of failing to listen to legal advice on the prolonged detention of migrants at another processing centre, and failing to secure adequate accommodation for them, both things she has denied.

According to Roger Gale, a lawmaker in Braverman’s governing Conservative Party, alternative accommodations had stopped being found when she took over.

He said that the home secretary only wanted to play to the right.

One Afghan family said they had been there for 32 days, more than double the number of migrants that were supposed to be housed for less than 24 hours a day.

Braverman told parliament that the whole country knows that they are not all refugees in distress.

The Labour Party’s home affairs spokeswoman said that the rhetoric had deteriorated.

She said that no Home Secretary who was serious about public safety or national security would use inflammatory language on the day after a petrol bomb attack.

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