The Woman with the sick child shouts at Just Stop Oil activists for blocking roads

The Woman with the sick child shouts at Just Stop Oil activists for blocking roads

Drivers dragged protesters out of the way and a woman yelled that they were stopping her sick child from going to school as Just Stop Oil activists blocked two roads in east London.

Activists temporarily blocked traffic by sitting in Commercial Street and Hanbury Street near Spitalfields Market at 12.15pm.

They were moved by the police within an hour.

Protesters want the Government to stop all new oil and gas licenses and consents, but the stunt angered motorists.

A man and a woman dragged demonstrators out of the way while a driver yelled that she had a sick child in her car and needed to get through.

Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Matt Twisty urged people in a statement on Friday not to take the law into their own hands and to directly intervene to move protesters.

More than 7,900 officer shifts have been accounted for by the force since October 1, when they responded to Just Stop Oil protests.

On Sunday, officers arrived at the scene and began making arrests and moving protesters.

Ben Humphrey, a nurse who works in Nottingham, said that he was here because he was terrified of the future.

Several Just Stop Oil protesters have blocked Commercial Road, according to the Metropolitan Police, who have been contacted for comment.

Arrests are taking place while officers are working to remove them as quickly as possible.

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