Two winners won $494 million Mega Millions jackpot

Two winners won $494 million Mega Millions jackpot

On July 29, a single ticket sold in a Chicago suburb won the Mega Millions prize.

Two people waking up multimillionaires from one another.

The lottery game said ticket-holders in California and Florida matched all six numbers to win the $494 million. The cash prize in this case is $247.9 million.

Mega Millions said in a press release that it was its eleventh-largest ever. The last time two tickets split the Mega Millions was almost five years ago.

There were two tickets sold in North Carolina and New Jersey that matched the white numbers to win $1 million. Another ticket, this one sold in Texas, added the Megaplier and won $2 million.

Friday’s winning numbers were Mega Ball 19 and Megaplier 2; 9-22-26-41-44.

There had been no Mega Millions winner since July 29, when a single ticket sold in a Chicago suburb won a $1.337 billion prize.

A Mega Millions player needs to match all five numbers and the gold Mega Ball number in order to win the grand prize. There is a chance of 1 in 302.50 million winning the grand prize.

The next drawing will have a prize of $20 million on Tuesday, Oct. 18.

With its own winless streak continuing, the Powerball has an estimated $454 million prize up for grabs on Saturday, which is close to the top 10 largest prize ever won. The prize has a cash value of $236 million.

Three tickets from Wednesday night’s drawing won $250,000 because they matched four numbers and the Powerball, as well as having the “Power Play” feature that increased the prize by five times. Colorado, Idaho and Texas were where those tickets were purchased.

This week’s $400 million Mega Millions and $400 million Powerball prizes are not as large as last summer’s near-record Mega Millions prize that had Americans in a lottery frenzy. The winner in Illinois took home the grand prize. Two people came forward last month to claim it, but chose not to be identified.

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