UN: Children in Haiti are hit by Cholera.

UN: Children in Haiti are hit by Cholera.

The number of children in Haiti who are claiming a growing number of children because of a surge in malnutrition is growing.

According to the United Nations agency, about 40% of the country’s 11 million inhabitants are children, with 9 out of 10 cases reported in areas where people are starving.

According to the Haitian Health Ministry, cholera has killed more than 200 people since the first deaths were announced in October, and 9,300 are hospitalized, but experts believe the number is much higher due to underreporting.

The number of people affected by the crisis is expected to increase as the situation gets worse, with the government of Haiti seeking at least $28 million to feed and care for them.

The situation in Haiti is not the same as it was in the past, according to the Haiti director for Food for the Hungry.

He said in a phone interview that nearly half of those sick with the disease are younger than 15, and that they are struggling to survive.

Aid groups are being prevented from reaching those who need it the most because of gang violence.

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