Bryan Cranston is an American actor, writer and director with a 40 million dollar net worth.


Bryan Cranston earned his fortune largely as an actor, going from the stage to bit parts in TV commercials while working his way up the show business ladder. 


His signature role was that of Walter White, also known as the murderous drug lord Heisenberg, on the original AMC series, “Breaking Bad.”


When he was born in Hollywood on March 7th, 1955, he waited until after he graduated college to begin his career as an actor. 


His father remained absent from his life until he was 22, when he and his brother Kyle reestablished contact, and later, he would say that he based much of his performance on his father’s mannerism.


At 12 years old, when he was going horseback riding at the Spahn Ranch in California, he had a brief encounter with Charles Manson, which was later relayed by the actor in various outlets.


He didn’t pursue acting seriously until after he graduated from Los Angeles Valley College in 1976 with a degree in police science, even though his parents were ambivalence about acting.


His work on various TV shows continued, with guest roles on shows like How I Met Your Mother and Little Miss sunshine in 2006.


His work as an actor has earned him many awards, including three consecutive statuettes for his role as Walter White onBreaking Bad.


At the peak of the show’s popularity, Walter White earned him $225,000 per episode, making him the highest-earning character on the show


In 1977 Cranston was married to a writer named Mickey Middleton, but they split in 1982.


He married Robin Dearden seven years later after meeting her on the set of Airwolf, where he played the villain.


Today they are married and have a daughter named Taylor Dearden born in 2003. 


There is a beachfront home in Ventura County that has been purchased by Bryan Cranston for $2.5 million.


The home was designed with cutting-edge environmental specifications.


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