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More than 60 people are feared dead after a cable bridge collapsed into a river in the western Indian state of Gujarat on Sunday evening, a government minister said.

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The bridge in the state’s Morbi district collapsed, and hundreds of people plunged into the Machchu river. 


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There wasn’t clear how many people were on the bridge.


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The bridge, which was built more than a century ago and recently reopened to the public, gave way as it couldn’t handle the number of people on it, officials told the Press Trust of India.


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 Several people fell into the river as a result of the bridge collapse. State minister Brijesh Merja said there were reports that people had suffered injuries.


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They are going to be rushed to hospitals. Authorities said that rescue operations were under way.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced compensation to the families of the dead and urged for quick rescue efforts, his office said.


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