There was shock and sadness, but also an embarrassing realization that this wasn’t the first time that South Korea had suffered when he watched live broadcasts of the Halloween party crush that killed more than 150 people.

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My heart is throbbing very badly. We are among the world’s 10 largest economies and I don’t understand how this can happen in our nation, said Kim, a retired environmental engineering researcher.

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The crowd crushes Saturday in Itaewon, a popular nightlife district, has caused an onslaught of public sympathy toward the dead.

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Many people feel embarrassed and angry that their country ignores safety and regulatory issues despite being a cultural and economic powerhouse that has risen from war, poverty, and dictatorships.


In Itaewon, 156 people died and 187 were injured in a crowd crush, but the death counts were much smaller in other developed countries.

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Many South Koreans have feelings of trauma because of the disaster.

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Kim Suk Hee, a real estate agent, thought the things were happening in a foreign country when he first saw them on TV. I have been traumatized by what happened.

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The Itaewon crush proved that South Korea still has a long way to go to become an advanced country in all aspects, said a professor. What is important is how the country handles the aftermath.


Since the disaster, some top officials have been criticized over comments that were seen as trying to avoid government responsibility for the crash.

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This kind of disaster didn’t happen when I was a child. According to Park, this happened because we are not an advanced country.

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