A food bank that’s been helping to feed Jane and Finch families is being priced out of its home due to rising inflation.

The Society for the Living Food Bank says it was forced to leave its headquarters after a new landlord raised the rent from $1,450 to more than $3,800 a month.

Venunye Nyamadi, the food bank’s director, said that forced relocation has been difficult after seeing record-breaking demand.

She told the radio station that it was sad that their clients were going through a housing problem and that the food bank was also having a problem.

The food bank is currently operating out of the Toronto Public Library’s Jane and Sheppard branch because of the massive rent increase.

One client, who was agreed to keep anonymous, spends most of their income on rent and relies on the food bank to make due. 

They say they are not the only one by the size of the line when they visit.

High food cost, high rent, low social assistance, I come here a lot, but now the line has tripled, sometimes there’s not much left,” they said.

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