Firefighters have warned the public to stay away from the bus station after it was ravaged by a massive fire.

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Traffic has been diverted this morning after the public were urged to avoid the area by police.


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An alert from Inrix, a road and traffic monitoring service, at 2.24am on Saturday said: ‘A4 Wellington Street in both directions closed due to building fire at the bus station from A332 to Queensmere Road. 


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Members of the public are advised to stay away from the area due to cordons and road closings. We would like you to know how much we appreciate your assistance.


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They said that officers were on the scene and were assisting the fire service.


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The A4 Wellington Street in Slough is closed in both directions this morning as a result of the fire, as well as a nearby road.


MailOnline reached out to the police and the RFRS for comment.


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Short notice cancellation to services and delays were warned by the bus company.


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