Winning numbers for the New York State Lottery on October 7.

Friday’s winning numbers

Early: 0-5-5; Late: 6-7-8: Numbers

Early: 2-8-1-0; Late: 9-5-1-2: Win4

Early: 13-25-33-35-36; Late: 13-18-21-25-34: Take5

1-2-11-15-16-18-21-22-24-27-36-48-50-52-60-64-67-71-73-80: Pick10

11-12-37-40-48, Cash Ball: 2: Cash 4Life

6-11-29-36-55, Mega Ball: 21, Megaplier x2: MegaMillions

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Thursday’s late numbers

Late: 5-3-3: Numbers

Late: 8-1-6-3: Win4

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